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All of our accredited Tai Chi and Qigong instructors teach at our school as volunteers.   Officers, directors and instructors serve without monitary compensation.

Our school, founded by students of the late sifu Master Moy Lin-Shin, was set up this way to make sure that helping others and giving to others is the sole motivation of our dedicated volunteer instructors.  

                                Taoist Master Moy Lin-shin


Our instructors continue their training in the Taoist Virtues and form with:

Sifu Ben Chung 

Our senior instructors have between 14 and 20 years experience and attend regular classes with Sifu Ben Chung a disciple of Master Moy from 1982 to 1998, as well as, workshops held by the

International Association of Tai Chi and Lok Hup Academies.

Ben studied continuously and directly under Master Moy rom 1982 until Mr. Moy's death in 1998. From 1985 to 2005, Ben was a Tai Chi and Lokhupbafa instructor in many of the Greater Toronto Area Taoist Tai Chi Locations. In 2006 Ben is the founder of the International Association of Tai Chi and Lokhup Academies, and Zhong Wen Taiji Academy located in Thornhill to carry on the works of Master Moy.                          


Taoist Master Wan Su-jian

Our instructors train in many aspects of the Taoist arts such as Tai Chi, Lok up, sword and Taoist Meditation and Qigong. 

Since 2002, instructors have traveled to China each year to further their studies in the Taoist Arts with Taoist Master Wan Su-Jian at the Chinese Taoist Medical BaGua XunDaoGong Institute in Beijing.  In 2004 and 2006 The Michigan Tai Chi Association sponsored Master Wan and 5 of his medical staff to visit Michigan to share some of the Taoist Arts and techniques to our members and the public.  During these visits they lectured at Henry Ford Hospital's Center for Integrated Medicine, as well as gave a mini-training session to the Physical Therapists at the center.


In 2007, Master Wan welcomed our international members and instructors to also experience Chinese Culture and participate in traditional Taoist arts such as meditation and qigong practices.  Twenty members and instructors traveled to Beijing where we stayed for two weeks at the Institute.     

Mrs. Kwan

After Mr. Kwan had a stroke, he came to Master Moy

for help in his recovery. Mrs. Kwan also came so that she could better help her husband. Master Moy advised her to learn tai chi so that she could keep her good health - without good health she could not help her husband. At that time she was already 60 years old.

She came to see Master Moy and practiced tai chi diligently every day. Master Moy gave her refinements of each move regularly. He told her to feel the movement and not just do it. Eventually she was taught how to practice tai chi expressing from the inside and not just the external form. She was one of the few who got instruction from Master Moy on the intricacy of the internal arts of tai chi, lokhupbafa and Xing-I.

Mrs. Kwan became very good in all the forms that Master Moy taught. He asked her to teach at workshops of tai chi, lokhupbafa, and Xing-Yi as well as tai chi sword sets. She has gained respect from all the students.  

After Master Moy passed away in 1998, she became the most preferred teacher in the organization.

Now she is teaching independently. There is a big following practicing tai chi, lokhupbafa, Xing-Yi and tai chi sword sets with her every week. Her group joined International Association of Tai Chi and Lok Hup Academies (IATLA) as an associate member in 2011. She led the 2011 IATLA Lok Hup Week in July. Workshop participant limit was reached within two days of the announcement.

Mrs Kwan teaches regularly at Zhong Wen Taiji Academy location in Thornhill.


By attending a class at our school, you are contributing to the good work and positive energy that we wish to share with our community, the world and those less fortunate,  with the hope of inspiring everyone to live a healthier and happier life.


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