International Association of Tai Chi and Lokhup Academies

The Michigan Tai Chi Association is a proud member of the International Association of TaiChi and Lokhup Academies.

International Association of TaiChi and LokHup Academies
a gathering place of Master Moy Lin-Shin teachings.

This is the mission of all members of the International Association of TaiChi and Lokhup Academies:

Raise public awareness of the benefits of Tai Chi and Lokhupbafa

Train volunteer instructors to teach Tai Chi, focusing on seniors to help alleviate their suffering

Provide technical, financial and moral support to former students of Master Moy so that they can once again help others by teaching Tai Chi and Lokhupbafa

The IATLA welcomes all former students of Master Moy Lin-Shin to join.  Together we can achieve a better understanding of his teachings.

For more information on where our form is taught Worldwide you can contact Ben Chung at:

Phone: 888-824-2443   or email:  info@moytaichi.or

website for information on locations Worldwide:


Zhong Wen Taiji Academy, Thornhill Ontario

Associate Member in the Province of Ontario
Mrs. Kwan Tai Chi Group, Toronto

Associate Member in the Province of Alberta
Shen Dao Tai Chi and Lok Hup Academy, Edmonton

Troi-Rivieres - Quebec


Lao Tse Tai Chi Academy

Tilburg: Cederstraat 2, Tilburg, Netherlands

Corporate Class: Schering Plough, Oss, NL

Contact: Chris de Kort   Phone:+31613513419


Angus Tai Chi Academy—registered charity
Brechin: South Esk Street, Brechin
Inchbare: Stracathro Parish Hall, Inchbare
Kingoldrum: Kingoldrum Village Hall, Kingoldrum
Montrose: Columba Hall, Market Street, Montrose
Westmuir: Westmuir Village Hall, Westmuir


Associate Member in Lódz, Poland
Lódzkiego Towarzystwa Tai Chi i Lok Hup
Lodz Society of Tai Chi and Lok Hup

Associate Member in Poznan, Poland
Poznanskie Stowarzyszenie TaiChi

Wroclawska Akademia Tai Chi

Wroclaw Poland


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For more information please contact us...

In Oakland County: 248-332-1281

Wayne County 734-591-3530

Copyright © 2004 Tai Chi and the Taoist Arts. - All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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